Twiglet #17 “Rattling Winter”

The Last Rattle

Two birds are
bickering in the grass.
They stop. Watch a girl
with blue shoes run
down the garden path.
The child’s hair
is the colour
of silvered honey,
licked by the moon.
She’s winter’s last rattle,
and the birds feel it
in the air.



written for dVerse “Nature” and Twiglets #17 “rattling winter”

17 responses to “Twiglet #17 “Rattling Winter””

  1. Man, I’m glad the snows don’t hit here often. I lived where they did once. I remember once, going outside on a warm 37 degree day in just my t-shirt and being thankful for a warm sunny day.

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  2. Oh, great imagery, and a touch of mystery. Maybe it was winter herself, taking a last run across the lawn before her time is up. She was here the other night, sprinkling a last frosting before spring shooed her out.

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