26 May: for 26.05 Unicorn Challenge

abstract folk art style painting of Portree

A Spar and Rigging

Some days he wanted to stay. Other days he just stared at the bridge. Portree could do that to you.

Summer turned it oddly condensed with holidaymakers. They filled every table and every bed. July. August. Like a restless meridian. He compared it to living underwater. An aquarium. And God disowned the winters; they were a delirium of ice. Colour turned deathly white. Cold, so cold, that he dreamed heaven was in flame.

But that morning as the harbour gleamed like a strange constellation, and the tide pulled away from the shore, he untied a red dingy with a split spar. It wasn’t his. He didn’t care. Today, he’d leave it all behind. Today, he just wanted to be a captain.

Photo of a harbour with colourful buildings along the shoreline. The photo is framed with red flowering vegetation. Sky partly cloudy.

157 words. Flash fiction written for 26/5/23 Unicorn Challenge. Photo to the left is the prompt image for today’s Unicorn Challenge. My header image is only visible when viewing online. ©Misky 2023.

15 responses to “26 May: for 26.05 Unicorn Challenge”

    1. Morning, Bump! 😁☀️

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      1. Morning Misky. Lovely day, out for breakfast.

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        1. I’m sitting here in the sunshine with my fruit and yogurt.

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          1. Oh, I went into Salisbury for breakfast and a haircut. Saturdays are the only day I can manage now.


  1. Intriguing tale of yearning and inner conflict.
    Great piece, Misky

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    1. Thank you so very much.


  2. Beautifully poetic descriptions, Misky, dreamlike and ending in a dream lived.
    Your image is wonderful – the reflections!

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    1. Thank you so much!


  3. Your poet is showing, Misk … and it’s charming!
    An insightful and poignant take;
    I’d expect nothing less from you, darlin’.

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    1. ❤️ Ta. Good morning, Luv.

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  4. I grew up in Oxford and though I wasn’t so aware of it at the time, su sequent visits have revealed the goldfish bowl of which you so aptly speak – and who does not want to be captain – if only for a day…

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    1. Who doesn’t want to grab the tiller and control one’s direction… The SE coast during the summer is thick with sunscreen and day trippers. We avoid it at all costs.

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