21 May: SOCS – A Cadralor Poem

AI art: a painting of a small village on top of a hill at night, in the style of swiss style, dark white and aquamarine, naturalistic light and shadow, wimmelbilder, romanesque, kintsugi, emotional landscapes.

To Gordes, France: A Cadralor Poem

Listen, and you’ll hear the chiselled skin
of buildings. Tight as a drum. Pick up
a stick, and beat out a long ago rhythm.

Listen to moonlight, it’s silver to dream.
Meadows of sky stirred by a stick. Those
old things, those wild things on the move.

Listen to the slow lines of quieting age.
See girls in white. Serene. Pink-cheeked.
Summer, bright as July, and dry as a stick.

Listen to the rigid faces behind windows.
Eyes behind their questions. Easy smiles
grown from seed. Sticks toasted in the sun.

Listen to grass growing in shadows. Earth,
air and water growing loud in your dreams.
Beat your drum with that stick in your hand.

Cadralor poem inspired by Linda Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday word “stick”.  AI Digital Artwork is my own, created using AI Midjourney. Imagery and poems ©Misky 2023. Gordes, France, information.

12 responses to “21 May: SOCS – A Cadralor Poem”

  1. This is stargazing amazing ⭐️

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  2. I have seen a few response to the stick prompt but yours seems effortless – as if you think in Cadralor – and the picture well…


    1. Thank you very much, Andrew. I do enjoy writing to the constraints of this particular form. It feels like a stream of consciousness.


  3. I was straight back in Provence.

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  4. The chiseled skin of buildings.
    The slow lines of quieting age.

    Marvelous! ❤︎

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    1. Thanks so much, Nancy!

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  5. Nancy, got there first in underlining two stellar phrases.
    And the rest comments echo exactly my thoughts!

    It seems to me a vein has been breached open, M… a bit of blood , a lot of gold…



    1. Thank you, Nick. I’ve always thought that a cadralor form is well suited to stream of consciousness writing.

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  6. This is fantastic I love it💜


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