30 April: An Eddying Swirl

In style of Paul Klee, woman in the garden watching clouds

Her Eddying Swirl

It’s those clouds in forked streaks.
Shades of blue and contemplation,
How long has it been between kisses.

She was once ripe with birth.
She was once more than taffeta.

Life is an eddy, a swirl, and one day
her heart will forget to beat, but for now
she wonders, Who am I to feel so well.

AI Digital Artwork is created using Midjourney. Imagery and poems ©Misky 2023 Shared on Twitter #amwriting @midjourney

13 responses to “30 April: An Eddying Swirl”

  1. That is a very beautiful poem…


    1. Thank you. Did my email from yesterday come through okay?


      1. I am replying to it at this moment!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Just wanted to be sure that it arrived okay.


  2. Life is indeed an eddying swirl with unexpected undercurrents that can pull you under if you do not go with the flow. 🙂 https://rolandyeomans.blogspot.com/2023/04/z-is-for-never-end.html

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    1. It helps if you know how to swim.


      1. The best I can do these days is float. 🙂


        1. I wear little inflatable duckies on my arms. 😂


  3. Very good. Thanks for sharing.


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