8 April: A-to-Z Challenge

AI artwork: a leaf caught in the wind

G is for Gusty

A gusty sneeze. A push.
A breeze. A thrown stone.
A drum roll. An autumn leaf.

It’s lay siege to petals weather,
wind under a white egret wing.

For A-Z Challenge. Gusty: A rapid fluctuation of wind speed with variations of 10 knots or more between peaks and lulls. Written for the A-to-Z Challenge. Declared theme for the challenge is Weather. AI Digital Artwork is created using Midjourney. Imagery and poems ©Misky 2023 Shared on Twitter #amwriting #atozchallenge @midjourney @AprilA2Z

15 responses to “8 April: A-to-Z Challenge”

  1. I like the wind!
    But too much of it like anything else is troublesome!

    Stopping by from A-Z,


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  2. Lovely. This challenge has brought out wonderful stuff. I feel like it’s perfect for a chapbook if you’re interested in such things.


    1. Maybe self-publishing is in my future 😂

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  3. “A gusty sneeze”
    I know someone whose sneezes, unchecked, have toppled empires.

    Really loving this.

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  4. Great theme! Wind is nice while sailing, on land I hate it 😉

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  5. Capricious April wind.

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  6. We just had a roof replacement thanks to wind. LOL!

    My A to Z Blogs
    DB McNicol – Small Delights, Simple Pleasures, and Significant Memories
    My Snap Memories – My Life in Black & White


  7. I like this. The short lines.
    And that leaf looks like one I had on my shelf that finally crumpled to bits the other day.

    This is my poetry blog. I’m not doing the A to Z on it. I’m doing the poem a day for April. https://ruffdraftsite.wordpress.com/

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  8. Love the poem. The wind under the egret’s wing leaves me with a sigh. 🙂
    The AI image is great. I’ve wanted to check it out, but haven’t yet.

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  9. mollyscanopy avatar

    Gusty is right! Lots of wind this spring in NYC — and now it’s full of pollen 🙂 Achoo! Visiting from A to Z.


    1. I hope you have antihistamines for it!


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