1 April: AprPAD and FOWC

AI artwork frog wearing a hat and shirt
AI artwork: frog wearing a trilby hat

A Foolish Limerick

There once was a frog from Peru
Who loved to sleep in a shoe
He wore a felt hat
And beeped like a bat
And said, “I’m related to an emu!”

Written for FOWC and PA “A Foolish Poem”. AI Digital Artwork is created using Midjourney. Imagery and poems ©Misky 2023 Shared on Twitter #AprPAD #FOWC #amwriting @midjourney

10 responses to “1 April: AprPAD and FOWC”

  1. Did you do the digital art? I love Froggie – both versions


    1. Yes, both. I use A.I for all my poem illustrations during the past 6-months.


  2. A frog in a hat and a vest
    on a rock put the truth out to test:
    his family ties
    were nothing but lies:
    his (non)Uncle Emu knew best.

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  3. Yay! That’s the way, Misk. Put a smile on everyone’s face ☺

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  4. You gave me a giggle today, so thank you!

    DB McNicol – Small Delights, Simple Pleasures, and Significant Memories
    My Snap Memories – My Life in Black & White


  5. Very humorous ! I’ve not been to Peru yet 😁


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