29 March: for Twiglet #318

AI artwork: wheat fields and rail tracks to horizon

Big Sky

At one time it would’ve reminded me
of America. The midwest prairies.
But I’ve been gone too long, and now
it looks like Denmark or France, maybe
wheat fields of Ukraine. Maybe before
when, and before then and now, and

At one time it would’ve reminded me
of morning, luminous patches on fields
in the dusty cotton air with spring wheat
tall as your knees. Sturdy and green.
Independent and self-supporting like
the clear sounds of vowels. Or verbs.

I know a woman from Australia who
lives in Dorset. She misses big sky.

Inspired by a prompt at Twiglet #318 AI Digital Artwork is created using Midjourney. Imagery and poems ©Misky 2023 Shared on Twitter #amwriting @midjourney

8 responses to “29 March: for Twiglet #318”

  1. I miss big sky, too. A danger of living indoors so much. It’ll be nice when it’s warmer. When I can sit down by the river, the sky is big enough.


    1. Soon. Very soon it’ll be warm enough.

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      1. I used to love going down there last summer, at 6 o’clock I often got the place to myself.

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  2. I do love a big sky. Hills help with skies. Several years ago we visited a friend in Melbourne. He lives out south east of the city. I had forgotten how flat the country is there! And because of that flatness, you can’t see the big sky. It’s blocked in with buildings and trees. It would be a good reason to have a roof garden.


  3. I grew up in cities and didn’t really have big skies until I settled in the suburbs -(or country outings).
    I had to go back to the city (NYC) one year and I felt clostrophobic! While I live near a city, it is small compared to New York City and other cities I’ve lived in. I know as humans we adapt. I have adapted to ‘big sky’.

    Your verse also hints at all the sky lost to those who are in the cross-hairs of wars. One can only hope the peace of ‘big sky’ for those who have lost those stars.


  4. I love where that took you. Wonderful musings

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