23 March: A Thursday Door

photo of a door from Goslar, Germany

Bushboy (Brian Dodd) shares photos of doors, but not just any doors. Spectacular doors from his journeys. Dan’s Thursday Doors opened the door on this. I love doors of all sorts. I’ve trawled through my holiday snaps and found a few to share.

This door photo is from a road trip in 2015 to Goslar and the Hartz mountain region of Germany. Goslar is listed on the UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site . More photos of Goslar’s doors in the weeks to come.

©Misky 2023 Shared on Twitter #amwriting @bushboywhotweet and @DAntion 

13 responses to “23 March: A Thursday Door”

  1. That is a flash handle Misky


    1. It’s a beaut! Wish I had one like that.

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      1. Do you have a door to match?

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  2. I love the detail in that close up!


  3. Fabulous details on that set of doors!


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  4. Looks interesting!


  5. I love the door knocker. Very unique.

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  6. Oh wow. What a door handle. But it would look out of place on a plain door like mine

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