20 March: An A.I. Gallery for Cecilia

rooster, AI artwork in the style of Klimt

Cecilia ( @ceciliagunther ) and I have slipped in and out of each other’s blogs since November 2011. I have great admiration for her give-it-a-go attitude, her self-sufficiency and aim toward a sustainable lifestyle on her organic farm. She expressed an interest in A.I. digital artwork recently, and I’ve created this gallery of A.I. images from two photos posted on her blog at The Kitchens Garden. Her photos include a rooster and a 450-pound hog named FreeBee (he was the runt, and Cecilia got him free). 

The variation between images is done by “seeding” styles of some of my favourite artists into the text prompt: Klimt; L.S. Lowry; Bruegel the elder; Renoir; Klee; Edward Gorey. 

Each image (hopefully) is clickable for viewing a larger version. I hope you enjoy these, C! 

AI Digital Artwork is created using Midjourney on Discord’s server. Imagery ©Misky 2023 Shared on Twitter #A.I.art #digitalArt

12 responses to “20 March: An A.I. Gallery for Cecilia”

  1. I liked them Misky 🙂

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  2. The hog is adorable 🥰 I want him!
    The pictures are amazing 💗


  3. Re-shared this for you, this is super cool. Re-share was done on twitter/fb.


    1. Thanks, and glad you liked them!


  4. Wow Misky! Such cool digital artwork from Celi’s pictures! Very well done! I always read you on her blog, and now I can check your blog out too! 🙂

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    1. Lovely to hear, and thank you so very much.


    1. Thanks! I do enjoy playing with this bot.

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  5. I love how the Brueghelian rooster looks like he is skating. And the colours in the chap you chose as your header are so fabulous! I also love the early morning light in the one labelled “the rooster”. The pigs are gorgeous too. It’s interesting that the colours are more muted on the pig artworks. The weather and backgrounds are duller (not in interest but in mood and light play) too. Anyway, they’re still gorgeous pigs. I love pigs. ❤️

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    1. Thanks! I have so much fun playing with Midjourney. The labelled images are proper photos from C’s blog. She had asked if A.I. could do photos, so I played with some of her photographs.


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