2 March: The Last Photo of February

from my iPhone 13 Pro Max

St Nicholas’s Churchyard

This shot is of our local church graveyard. St Nicholas Church (opens new tab) is a Norman structure with a long history.

black and white photo of St Nicholas Church graveyard. Old bare trees, and tilting gravestones.

from my old Canon

St Nicholas’s Churchyard

This is side view of the church, and a vast spread of snowdrops in bloom around the gravestones and lawn.

St Nicholas Church with view over churchyard and snowdrops blooming.

Brian (aka Bushboy) asks for the Last Photos on your phone/camera/SD card, and here are my two last snaps taken on 26 February during an afternoon walk on a brisk winter day. If you have time, read the Wikipedia article about our lovely little church. The photos are clickable, if you wish to view a larger version.

9 responses to “2 March: The Last Photo of February”

  1. love the black and white shot. the composition really appeals to me.


  2. Wonderful Last Photos Misky. Two of my favourites graveyards and Snowdrops. Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂

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  3. I love that there are several such beautiful, tranquil churchyards around here.


    1. Completely dead quiet, except for birds.

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      1. be a good place to go… but not too soon 🤣


  4. Lovely history. I watched a Brit Box mystery show… that had a group of bell ringers. Lovely snowdrops. While I don’t have any, there are some in the neighborhood.

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