23 February: RDP “Delete”

AI artwork. A black bakelite phone on a desk.

Delete Me

Delete me, I say,
from your call list.
I don’t need an extended warranty.
I don’t need a wheelchair.
I don’t need purified air.
I don’t need a new driveway,
new windows, or insulation.
I don’t need a plot, you silly lot, and
I don’t appreciate your insinuation.
I don’t want my trees trimmed.
I don’t have scuffed alloy rims.
I don’t want you ringing me.
Delete me, I say,
from your call list.

Written for RDP “delete”. AI Digital Artwork is created using Midjourney. Imagery and poems ©Misky 2023 Shared on Twitter #amwriting @midjourney

8 responses to “23 February: RDP “Delete””

  1. I have taken to answering the phone with “would you like to buy some solar panels?”. Most discerning sales people hang up at that point.


    1. Our callers aren’t discerning enough. The ones that really annoyed me were the callers saying they from Microsoft, and you have a virus on your Window PC, and they could fix it by installing a piece of software that would prevent it in the future.

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      1. Lol. We get them too. Once or twice my b husband has had a lot of fun wasting their time. He pretended to follow their instructions and then said he had got to “the screen of death”. The chap at the other end and said that husband was “the stupidest person” he had ever spoken to. Husband was highly amused.


  2. I keep all robocallers on the line as long as I can, asking them to repeat themselves 2-3 times, telling them to hold on while I find my Social Security number, or explain to them in the plainest of English that no one at this number speaks English, and (when they say they want to “verify” my info, I always ask them to tell me what they’ve got and I’ll tell them if they’ve got it right. This is usually the hang-up moment.
    I only do this when I’m home alone, as it drives My Beloved Sandra crazy; she’s a hang-up-immediately sort of girl.

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    1. Peder finally bought us a phone/answering machine with the ability to send calls not on your Okay List directly to the answering machine. It also gives the caller a chance to identify themselves to prevent the machine hanging up on them – the machine will assume they’re a computer-dial if they say nothing. Our phone used to ring every hour – now it rarely rings unless it’s a number on our okay list. I’m with Sandra on this – I also used to hang up.


  3. I just don’t answer any calls I don’t know the number when it pops up

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    1. It still rang though … on and on, but not with our new machine.

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      1. I’ve had some repeat callers and thru finally got the hint I’m not picking up!
        I’ve also had text messages that were scammers

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