14 February: for Twiglets #311

AI artwork, a mouse with a spoon underfoot, bowls, cookies/biscuit crumbs. Watercolour style.


I see you
there, dipping and diving,
rooting in bowls.

A spoonful of dinner.
Sugar on your lips.
Crumbs on your fur.

I hear you
gnawing, you with
those black bean eyes.

You, scurrying on
thin silence. You, lurking
when I’m not looking.

I see you
little mouse, eyeing up
that glistening moon.

Written for Twiglets #311 “Eyeing It” AI Digital Artwork is created using Midjourney. Imagery and poems ©Misky 2023 Shared on Twitter #twiglet #amwriting @midjourney

7 responses to “14 February: for Twiglets #311”

  1. I enjoyed this. It reminded me of a children’s story in a way

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    1. Thank you! A new Twiglet posts tomorrow!


  2. I love “thin silence”. We have rats/mice sharing our chook food. Better outside than inside I guess


    1. I really detest rats. A few years back we had rats nesting under our deck. They entered from the neighbour’s side, where they fed themselves on their apples, but we had to deal with the nest because they were on our side of the fence.

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  3. Twigilicious, M.

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  4. Years ago (in a different location) we had a mouse house problem. Tried the catch and release… but that didn’t work well. Sometimes the rodent just isn’t welcome. And other measures are needed.


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