5 Feb: Trigger Warning – Panic Attacks

a person having a panic attack. Illustration in cartoon style.

They Said It Was A Panic Attack

Ate salmon that night.
Put me off water for a long time after.

Sitting there in my comfy chair, and there’s this tightness like I can’t breathe, so I pull myself upright, inhale, but panic is having its way with me.

It’s like a voice telling you
three tales at once, but without your consent.

It’s the season of water. And sweat. Breath won’t find my lungs, it’s unbraided my throat and died. Flights of birds flutter in my chest and the hum of bees in my ears.

Muscles draw back,
talons like a corner of damp paper.

The floor spins drunk, and I’m abandoned by my childhood nest. I call out to my father, who’s long dead, gone into his sky with my ragged poems.

Me. Compressed like the backside
of paper, and drowning in my own chaos.

Doc said it was a panic attack.

Note: This happened many years ago, and I’ve not had one since.

woman wear wetsuit and snorkel with bird nest on topWritten for Visual Verse’s February image prompt. AI Digital Art is mine and created using Midjourney’s bot (v4). Image and poem ©Misky 2023 Shared on Twitter #amwriting @midjourney

5 responses to “5 Feb: Trigger Warning – Panic Attacks”

  1. Wow, super duper intense experience, Misky.
    I have anxiety problems, but I’ve never experienced something like this…



    1. From what I was told, panic attacks are often quite physical, and not always rooted in anxiety. I’ve no clue what set that one off, but I’ve not had one since. I also learned the breathing into a paper bag trick, to rebalance the carbon dioxide in the blood stream. A panic attack can result is too much oxygen.

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  2. I get them frequently snd your description is spot on! My dad was getting them constantly until his doctor told him to stop mixing OTC allergy meds with his ulcer and HBP meds and they stopped


    1. That’s really interesting about your dad, Michele. It’s been over 20-years since I’ve had another one. Fingers crossed, that’s the end of them.

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      1. Yes it was scary last year. He ended up retiring from his business because of them. I think mine are more panic attacks


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