27 January: Fallen

A.I. illustration of man who's fallen in a forest. Trees with heavy roots.


He’s unbalanced by gravity,
plummets like currency.
Tumbles on the trail and
then disappears from view.

There’s a bolt of noise through his head,

and he looks around –
a slow forest of ebony,
trees of speech, lanky,
a green canopy of limbs.

The ground is thick, muddy, and bitter,

and his eyes are still filled
with sparks and shock.
He moans like a wounded beast,
the birds and trees listen,

as his leg burns and flutters.
He feels white marble of bone.

This is what happens when you
dance singlehanded with yourself.
He scolds his feet.
He scolds gravity,

and he assumes he tripped over an ant.

AI Digital Art is mine and created using Midjourney’s bot (v4). Image and poem ©Misky 2023 Shared on Twitter #amwriting @midjourney

6 responses to “27 January: Fallen”

  1. This is so strange and intriguing! It feels awful but unreal. Disconnected. Confused. I end up really feeling for the guy.


    1. Such interesting reactions from you and Michele. It’s left me a bit puzzled. Have you never tripped over a root whilst walking in the forest, hurt your ankle perhaps, and you’re all alone with nobody to assist? Maybe looked around for what tripped you up, and you can’t really figure out what it was – the way people always look behind them when they trip, thinking it must be something that grabbed at their foot….

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  2. Very ambivalent wave of emotions but relatable too ❤️


    1. Really? … interesting comment, Michele.

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      1. The visual emotions you draw out in the piece are much how I’ve been feeling of late which is when I meant about relatable. Great writers to me create works that touch on people’s emotions good and bad. Establish connections with the reader and you did that for me with this piece 🥰

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        1. Ah, okay. I understand. Thanks, Michele.

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