17 January: Returned Home

snow, ice, hoar frost. Night view.

Winter’s Iron Maiden

A return home
to ice, sleet, and snow.
Shoes squeak,
breath folds and gasps.

How still the air.
The winter sky
presses us under its
iron maiden.

Written for Twiglets “Returned Home”.

11 responses to “17 January: Returned Home”

  1. Fresh snowfall overnight up here in Vermont, too. No serious accumulation (until tomorrow, anyway).

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    1. I suspect you see more than we do.


  2. We haven’t had a deep snow, just some flakes here (last year).
    When I think of Iron Maiden… I think of that horrid torture device.
    Hopefully you can thaw a bit and settle in to ‘Home’.

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    1. I’m sure looking forward to spring!

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      1. Each day… just a tad more sunlight. 🙂

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  3. No snow here, so far this season, but I can feel that winter cold from here inside my home. Nicely done.


    1. Thanks, Arcadia. Lovely name, by the way.


  4. It’s been dreadfully cold here but no snow. There’s too much winter ahead to think we are free and clear but one can hope. My old bones do not like the cold.

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    1. Nor mine. I was a bit gimpy this morning, but okay after I started moving around.

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      1. I can relate. We’re babysitting again so no choice but to move around and around and around!


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