15 January: Bloganuary and JusJoJan

colour pencil sketch of fruit

A Breath of Gratitude

Through two long years,
the lavender bloomed,
the thyme grew large
and hard, the oak trees
pulsed spring green, and
my face still behind a mask.

And it was several months
into autumn when I walked
into a supermarket, inhaled
scents of fruit instead of my
slumped breath, and gratitude
filled my lungs as if newborn.

And then a woman walked by,
coughed from a roaring depth,
her perfume scenting the air.
I was struck by urgent thought –
If I’m able to smell her perfume,
then I can catch Covid from her.

Written for Bloganuary “Fear” and Jusjojan “Gratitude” AI Digital Art is mine and created using Midjourney’s bot (v4). Image and poem ©Misky 2023 Shared on Twitter #amwriting @midjourney

6 responses to “15 January: Bloganuary and JusJoJan”

  1. If only the sick people would stay home, life could be so much more pleasant.

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  2. Yes hope all goes well with her .Anita

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  3. Mask-makers made a fortune from covid; three years later and masks are still the norm.


    1. Surprising, how many people didn’t wear a face mask on the plane, either going to the US or coming back.

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      1. Really doesn’t surprise me … unfortunately. You’d think under certain circumstances (like being enclosed in an airborne germ-filled tube with no mean of escape), masks would be mandatory. Just saying. 🙄


  4. It’s a great question, I’ve wondered in stores and at work the same thing


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