10 January: #JusJoJan Periwinkle

AI art: boy throwing bread at ducks in a pond. Old tree and a large house in the distance.

There's a blank wave 
webbing across the pond, 
and quarrelling ducks 
under the influence of a boy 
throwing stale bread. 
He wipes his nose on his cuff, 
and throws more bread 
at the clear periwinkle sky.

And a 200-year old oak 
is watching all this. 

Written for JusJoJan 10 Jan: periwinkle. usAI Digital Art is mine and created using Midjourney’s bot (v4). Image and poem ©Misky 2023 Shared on Twitter #amwriting

2 responses to “10 January: #JusJoJan Periwinkle”

  1. Those last lines…..just perfect 🙂


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