27 December: Word of the Day

Drawing of man with full belly and expandable belt. Image is mine.

Word of the day: ‘Yule-hole,’ the loosest notch in your belt that you must resort to after excessive eating and drinking. 19th century Scots.

AI Digital Art: created using Midjourney’s bot (v4b) Image ©Misky 2022 Shared on Twitter #amwriting

5 responses to “27 December: Word of the Day”

  1. Hahaha!! Brilliant, Misky!! Thank goodness for elastic waistbands! 😂 ❣️

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  2. Yule hope applies to blouses, too, no? Lowest button that keeps the shirt on after the flush of Christmas drink. 🍷💜

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    1. A hole is hole! 😂

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