17 Dec: Two Hours Past Noon

Man and woman with surprised expression eating at a table
Breakfast at 2 Hours Past Noon

Hash browns, white pepper, salt 
And ketchup, two bright-eyed eggs, 
Crispy bacon and 
Raisin toast with 
Blood red jam, and 
Cups of coffee, black and hot as 
Tallahassee nights. And there’s 
White noise  
From a wall-mounted TV 
That fills the middle ground with
Conversation from a war-torn town.

And I’m having 
Breakfast at two hours 
       past noon with my son
       who turns 50 next year. 

AI Digital Art: created using Midjourney’s bot (v4b) Image and poem ©Misky 2022 Shared on Twitter #amwriting

14 responses to “17 Dec: Two Hours Past Noon”

  1. Wonderful! So glad you made it there safely. If there’s something I really envy the US, it’s the name Tallahassee. What a wonderful word! Sounds like a great breakfast. I hope you’re having a simply lovely time.


    1. All lovely, and son should be feeling better after his Covid jab yesterday. He was quite poorly yesterday.

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  2. As if the poem weren’t mind-blowing enough, the artwork is just um….I have no words!


  3. Vibrant imagery. The colors especially loved the black and white. Happy holidays to you and your family. 💜


    1. Thanks so much!


  4. This all sounds so good on a cold, rainy Sunday morning.


    1. Does the brekkie bring back memories of your time here?

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      1. I generally didn’t like that nothing was walkable in the US. Even to go to the local bar we had to walk along a highway with no sidewalk.
        The exception was NYC, which was really the only place over there that I would have settled. But spooking there arte a lot of similarities between NYC and my hometown of Liverpool.


        1. No verges around here either. Lots of strip malls, and each one has a Santa. hoho.

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          1. I hated having to have a car.


  5. Well that answers my question from earlier! Welcome to the colonies, Misky. Enjoy your lovely breakfast and time with your son.
    Fab words and brilliant artwork!

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  6. Have a great time in Florida! ❤️


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