11 December: A Descent

AI digital art of woman

A Descent

The day before Dad died
he said he didn’t think
he was going to heaven.

The next day it started,

my descent into that valley
of loss measured in hours.

I slipped into the deep dark.

That was the year I became a poet,
as if there was a rise of song,
or an old acquaintance born.

It was a time before I returned to normal.

AI Digital Art: created using Midjourney’s bot (v4b) Image and poem ©Misky 2022 Shared on Twitter #amwriting

6 responses to “11 December: A Descent”

  1. I love that second last stanza. The rise of song. Such a sad poem but this stanza carries us (and more importantly, the poet) through.


    1. It was a challenging time.

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  2. Poetry is a beautiful cleansing medium ❤️


  3. I was already a poet when my mother left, didn’t write a thing for almost a year…
    Great stuff, M. Thanks for share.

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  4. That’s beautiful Misky. Grief is a terrible thing.

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