3 December: The Final Twist

AI digital art: gargoyles on a cathedral in Paris

The Final Twist

Life’s puzzles were easy to solve
when saints stared down at you
from cathedral overhangs, and

gargoyles sang to spring rain.
They hung from iron tongues
and spilled warnings on us.

We knew the rules of heaven
and hell, and hoped gargoyles
didn’t put bats in our belfry.

Then someone invented plastic,
and the world twisted. Plastic’s
written its opinion on everything,

and if I could, I’d realign things.
Like mislaid parts of speech.
Oh to monastic chanting.

Image AI digital art: Midjourney ©Misky 2022. Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

8 responses to “3 December: The Final Twist”

  1. Hail monastic chanting ❤️

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    1. It can be very calming, don’t you think?

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      1. Yes very peaceful de stressing sound for sure ❤️

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  2. I couldn’t agree more. I could definitely verb a few plastic adjectival phrases. I love the gargoyles singing to spring rain.

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    1. Thank you, Worms.

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  3. Not sure what it is about gargoyles. I love seeing those creatures; they always make me smile.

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    1. They are certainly very interesting!

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      1. We are cat people and have two Bastet statues on the pedestals at the start of our front walkway. Children love them but I never dreamed how intriguing they would be to passersby who stop and take photos. Quite an unexpected delight.


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