30 Nov: PA & Twiglets #307

close up of a lizard, AI digital art created on Midjourney. ©Misky
And It's Lizard Couplets

The house leaks light 
out the window, across 

dewy grass sparkling like 
small stars as heat ripples 

off the tin roof. A lizard 
stretches long on a stone, 

eyes the colour of burnt sugar, 
it’s as alert as an Aztec warrior. 

The bowl of water and melon 
I place by the back door sends 

the lizard running into the 
shade of undergrowth. 

I hadn’t expected this would 
be the highlight of the day. 

And that was all there was 
to say about Wednesday. 

These poems are draft versions, written in participation of Miz Quickly’s Last Small Prompt. November poem-a-day challenge. The aim: to produce a chapbook for submission. ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter. Images are ©Misky, and created using AI-Midjourney.

10 responses to “30 Nov: PA & Twiglets #307”

  1. How lovely. I hope the lizard comes back to accept your gift.

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    1. Different time and place; not here. It was up in the Colombian Andes. Darned things were as long as my arm, and some of them hissed. I froze stiff the first time I saw one walk across the floor, but I got used to them.

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      1. Ah. Of course. I was a bit surprised about the heat. What a wonderful memory though.

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  2. Fun! Go to St. Thomas. The iguanas are the size of small children. It’s like Jurassic Park only nobody dies. 😎

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    1. Yes, that pretty well describes it!

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  3. Outstanding Misky, those first four couplets are perfection.


  4. Field mice, grass snakes, crickets…about all the wildlife I can handle, thanks. Love your lizard, though.

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  5. What a beauty! Not a bad sighting for a Wednesday

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    1. Thanks, Michele!

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