29 Nov: A Fox-Gazelle

snow, whirling wind, birds, frozen lake, 2-story house on a hill overlooking lake
A White Fox in Camouflage 

The wind is in the key 
of coldness. It barks as  

trees argue with the wind, 
starved by its conversation. 

There, perched on branches, 
winter birds and other wings, 

where birds know there is 
warmth below the snow. 

The trees suck at dark layers,
the sun pulled up by its roots,  

and a white fox hides behind  
its whiskers.  And it barks. 

These poems/prose are draft versions, written in participation of Miz Quickly’s prompts “a fox-gazelle” and Writers’ Digest (Poetic Asides) “truth/dare” November poem-a-day challenge. The aim: to produce a chapbook for submission. ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter. Images are ©Misky, and created using AI-Midjourney.

6 responses to “29 Nov: A Fox-Gazelle”

  1. I love the image of the fox hiding behind its whiskers. Wonderful.

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  2. A metaphor for much these days

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  3. Lovely! Very cold though! 🙂

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  4. “The wind is in the key
    of coldness.” – great.


  5. Your verse makes me happy that my winter isn’t as hard as some others…
    I’m north, but not far north.
    Like the white fox. I’ve only seen a red one in my yard occasionally.


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