26 Nov: PA & Q Day 26

the Major Oak tree double exposure with da Vinci profile image
personification of the tree, Major Oak.
©Misky 2022

A Particular Tree (Major Oak, Nottinghamshire)

Beyond the iron gates
of the low stone wall,
where the view widens
on the slow rising hills

is a model of serious trees.

There amongst the birds,
fields and things that are
permanent and unbroken,
we look up at that tree as

true and honest wisdom.

Its limbs stretch out in
the morning sun for a well-
earned nap, but, we’re none
the wiser for what it wants.

These poems/prose are draft versions, written in participation of Miz Quickly’s prompts “a particular tree” and Writers’ Digest (Poetic Asides) “second thoughts” November poem-a-day challenge. The aim: to produce a chapbook for submission. ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter. Images are ©Misky, and created using AI-Midjourney.

6 responses to “26 Nov: PA & Q Day 26”

    1. Thanks so much.

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  1. Trees hold much wisdom ❤️

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  2. The imagery in both poem and graphic is superb!


    1. Thank you so much.

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