31 Oct: Q30.10

AI digital art: halloween cat and pumpkins in the fog

Demon Kitty

You there, kitty,
master of yourself
and thin disguise,

testy as a sudden claw,
nightmare slow
and quick as crime.

Oh demon kitty,
without a word, why
are your eyes so icy cold.

for Miz Quickly’s “Scary Kitty” – AI digital art ©Misky 2022, Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

4 responses to “31 Oct: Q30.10”

  1. I love “nightmare slow and quick as crime”. Such an interesting juxtaposition.


    1. It was a fun month (although it was a rubbish book). And now on to November!

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  2. I’m just looking at our kitty as I read this (who did not even respond with a yawn 🤣)


    1. At least she/it/they/them isn’t bored.

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