21 October: Jane’s Oracle Words

AI digital art. woman at a sewing machine

Her Wisdom

I had a dream last night that
Mum and I agreed on everything.

She’s a thin slip of a woman
sitting at her sewing machine,

hands pushing patches of fabric
under needle and thread, mostly

old clothes from charity shops,
and she sews them into quilts

to stay away the cold, and she
looks up at me with her tooth-

some smile and she says,
“You can’t choose your family.”

AI Digital Art created using Midjourney ©Misky 2022. Random words from Jane’s Oracle Shared with #amwriting on Twitter.

100 random words

9 responses to “21 October: Jane’s Oracle Words”

  1. This made me laugh. I don’t know if that was the intent but the beginning made me smile and the end made me laugh. I love the whole thing.


  2. Superb. In mygrandparents’ house there was a sewing machine, totally manual, even that foot pedal to make it go. Must have been a hundred years old. Just laying idle in one of the disused bedrooms. Thanks for the memory.

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    1. I learned to sew on a machine like that.

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  3. That last line, along with the ‘toothsome’ gave me cold shivers.

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    1. My mum often had the same effect on me.


      1. That was what I suspected.


  4. Excellent! That could be my mother at her sewing machine. Mom was a professional seamstress and we had one of those original Singers in our house. Your graphic is exquisite! Mom’s machine was not as marvelous as yours. Your first line hit me right between the eyes. I made a concerted effort not to be like my mother when I became a mom. I succeeded. ☺️

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    1. My mum was always at her sewing machine, and I think it kept her sane after my dad passed away. I learned to sew on a treadle machine at school. Made skirts and aprons mostly. I’m not very good at it though.

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      1. I can’t sew a lick. My mother finally gave up on me. My talents lie elsewhere.

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