17 October: Thirteen Couplets

AI digital art: old woman with layers of clothing and hat, trying to keep warm.
AI Digital Art

Thirteen Couplets

I’m not sure how many layers
are required to feel warm.

Four maybe. At least
I’m not shivering any longer.

There’s warmth from friction,
a good shiver is as good as wool.

The price of electricity, shocking,
food and fuel shortages. Strikes.

No mail. Strike. No trains. Strike.
One more strike, and I’m out.

I dry clothes in the greenhouse.
When it rains. When it’s cold.

You know that trick: put dryer
balls in the washing machine?

He moved his car out of the garage.
It’s raining, he says, rainwater is

softer than tap water. Melts dirt,
and it dries without spots.

Everything is about drying lately.
Nobody irons anymore. Too costly.

We still have a hosepipe ban. It’s
raining but water’s still restricted.

I bought a bag of candles today
for when the blackouts start.

It will take me a while to peel
off all these layers tonight.

AI digital art ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

18 responses to “17 October: Thirteen Couplets”

  1. Lovely (but grim and chill). The image of the rainwater on the car, softly melting dirt, such a nice touch.

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    1. I can’t understand why I feel so cold when the house is 17C.


  2. I agree with Peter’s comment. It is a bit grim. I feel like the people of the UK are having a really rough time.

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    1. Yes, and yes we are. But so is most of Europe. It’s dire. I have no clue how people on a low income are managing.

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      1. I feel like something must crack in the facade of peace. I met a British woman walking her dog who had recently been back to England to visit her mother. She thought it probable that it would be cheaper for her mother to spend the winter going on cruises than to stay at home and warm her house. In Australia, too (although perhaps not to the same extent) the poor are being squeezed of everything with fuel prices, rent/house prices, food’s going up… and yet salaries have not increased (at least not to at all keep pace with inflation) for a decade.


        1. That’s why everyone is striking here; pay to meet inflation, which then rises inflation. It’s a spiral. People are actually going to shopping malls, not buy anything, but to keep warm. And the hard bite of winter isn’t even here yet!

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  3. We can relate to buying candles for the house in case of blackouts. In fact we’ve already been using them just to save on the electric. Prices going up here in Ireland too, doubling in price in some cases. But there are folk much worse off! ☹️ Very grim yes but an accurate & descriptive portrayal all the same of the current state of affairs in the world.


    1. We’ve had a few warm days (18C!) so at least my teeth aren’t chattering.


      1. Same here, weather’s been a bit brighter the past few days. But we had a storm Saturday and Sunday before.


  4. I’m a huge fan of layering the colder the more I feel alive! I hate ironing
    I use my hair blow dryer to smooth out wrinkles so this poem really speaks to me ❤️

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    1. Hurrah for layers!

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  5. I’m going to have to try the Mid Journey app. The stuff you come up with is truly astonishing. I saw in the news the UK is about to follow South Africa’s example about blackouts. We’ve been suffering them for 15 years! Lately it’s worse, we’ve had four hour down-times, but more to do these days with sabotage than actual necessity. I read Truss may be on her way out soon. Maybe a better leader will emerge who will manage the country better? Can’t Therese May come back?


    1. I don’t think May is daft enough to take that on again. She actually ended up as PM by default because the other candidate dropped out. Goodness knows how this will all end.


      1. And in the mean time we’re all worried about Putin. 🤦🏻‍♀️


        1. Well Truss is gone.


          1. I saw! Well done! Oh dear, now who’s the next one? Holding thumbs!


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