16 October: On The Hill

On The Hill

There’s a large white cross
at the top of the hill,
and if it spoke, I’d ask it
too many questions, but
I understand its silence.

It stands there, not in
solitude, but in solidarity.
Not in loneliness, as it’s
impossible to ignore.
It is not mystic or cryptic.

It is what it is, and
I, too, am nothing more.

Image: AI digital art ©Misky 2022, Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

10 responses to “16 October: On The Hill”

  1. I wonder if the sun warms its surface.

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    1. Your mind works in mysterious ways, Worms. That’s a compliment by the way.

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      1. :-). Looking at that picture… I just wanted to touch the cross and know what it felt like.

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        1. I just closed my eyes and reached out. It’s room temperature. LOL!

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  2. That hill looks wondrous
    Where is that picture from?
    That last line Misky says it all ❤️


    1. Thanks. I created the picture using an Artificial Intelligence bot called MidJourney, so it’s essentially from my imagination.

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      1. Fabulous very impressive

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  3. Love the ending best of all. How lovely. Just IS.
    BET that cross knows a lot!
    Blessings. XoXo

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    1. And to you, Selma.

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