12 Oct Found Poetry

Found poetry sourced from the pages of the Fear Street series, “Night Games” by RL Stine. Published by Simon Pulse (ebook) edition July 2022. ISBN 9781439121443. All images are my own, created using AI (artificial intelligence) at MidJourney.

©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

12 responses to “12 Oct Found Poetry”

  1. Very cool. I like “skid off a cliff promise”

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  2. After seeing you every day on Bump’s posts I had to check you out. Very cool writing, Misky!

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    1. Thank you, and welcome!

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  3. Hi Misky, just wondering if you write a lot of stuff that you don’t post on your blog? There are some competitions/journals that say the works can’ tbe published , not even on websites including your own blog. It’s making it really hard to submit work and keep my blog going which is annoying because I enjoy the blogging community.

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    1. And I was sort of wondering if you’d be interested in forming a sort of workshopping email correspondence where we help each other with poems we’re interested in submitting. If you’re not interested, that’s absolutely fine. I just thought I’d fling the idea out there. I have recently connected with somebody I went to Uni with and we have started this kind of email exchange. It’s very enjoyable and hopefully mutually beneficial.

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      1. Yes. Sounds like fun. I’ve replied to your Mrs******7@gmaildotcom. I look forward to hearing from you. Check your junk folder for mine as it’s probably sitting in there.

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  4. Sweet. 😉 I love you’re beautiful erasure art.

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  5. What a tranquil photo


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