5 Oct: Haworth, Brontë Country

19 Sept: It’s the day of The Queen’s funeral. Every town and village we drove through is silent, closed, and empty of traffic and people. We did encounter a police car with two policemen in the public carpark. They were eating their lunch. They nodded, said hello, and warned us that everything in Haworth was closed until after the funeral, “Including the toilets”, one of them warned. So we walked around the village, read gravestones, (the Brontës aren’t buried here), and pressed our noses against the bakery shop window.

The countryside of the Peak District, and stone barns..

All photos taken with my iPhone. ©Misky 2022

11 responses to “5 Oct: Haworth, Brontë Country”

  1. My parents went over to Howarth for the week.
    At the time – I was fifteen – I declined to go with them. Yay! I had the house to myself for a whole week!
    Pity, that. But then, my daughter did the same.


    1. And I’m sure that you and Mrs B had a lovely week…. sans daughter.


      1. except… no way would I have left her home alone. I wanted to have a home to come back to! I… er… twisted her arm.

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  2. Looks like my kind of paradise.


  3. Looks very quaint and great place to have a walk about! Maybe you hit a great day after all 😁


    1. It’s unfortunate that the Brontë parsonage was closed though.


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      1. Yeah that would have been grand to see ❤️

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  4. Great photos Misky


    1. It’s hard to take a bad photo in that area. 😂


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