4 Oct: Fairy Tale Whimsy

digital art in the style of Klimt's Birch Forest

Fairy Tale Whimsy

There, the ghost of trees.
Cut like wheat, to fall
on a knee and a prayer.

Like a woman’s summer skirt.

This air is wed to dialogue,
a blur of colour, of copper
and whispering gold.

Like sewing sequins on sails.

And the sky hangs dull
and washed by comparison.
It’s fairy tale whimsy speak.

Digital artwork created using the Midjourney (beta) bot ‘in the style of Klimt’. ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

3 responses to “4 Oct: Fairy Tale Whimsy”

  1. I’ve heard of this programme: Midjourney. An AI guru I’m vaguely familiar with uses it. Apparently one speaks to it and voila, there’s the work. Just wonderful.

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    1. It’s a bot. I type in the parameters I want at the “DOS” prompt, thereby “telling” it want image I’m aiming to achieve. Sometimes it’s best to be specific with parameters, and other times it’s best to allow mid-journey’s bot to interpret it.

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  2. And alliteration to boot ! Wonderful


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