2 Oct: Chester

I’ve always wanted to see Chester. It was my birthday treat: we’re going to Chester for the day, and then dinner afterwards at a steak restaurant. I rarely eat steak, except on my birthday. It was excellent. And Chester was everything I hoped it would be. A perfect birthday.

Note: click the images for full-size photo. They are large, so allow time for them to load.

7 responses to “2 Oct: Chester”

  1. As a bonus, looks like you found salvation!
    We used to visit Chester to escape my mum’s. She was on the south side of Liverpool so a short hop to the Runcorm Bridge, then just up the motorway. Loved the duplex shops!

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    1. I’m fascinated by churches.


      1. Me too. It amazes me that the church could have such a hold over people that they would often spend a lifetime working on one. You know, stonemasons etc. working on these ornate cathedrals. All for the reward they believed they would receive.


  2. Happy Birthday Misky ❤️🎉🎂🧁🥂


    1. Thank you. ❤️


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  3. Your photos remind me of Germany architecturally ❤️

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  4. Those tudor style buildings are my absolute favourite. They’re beautiful.

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