1 Sept: Jane’s Oracle #3

4 apples from our tree

An American Sentence: 17 syllables.

The jaded sweltering heat that marched through August has brought us apples.

Jane’s Oracle spoke her words: jaded; sweltering; heat (which turned out to be heal); and march. The full list of words are at Jane’s. I believe the Oracle has finished talking to me this week. Poem form: an American sentence consisting of 17-syllables. The image is mine taken with an iPhone. ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

10 responses to “1 Sept: Jane’s Oracle #3”

  1. Yay for silver linings (all be they small and round and red).

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  2. fresh apples…lovely. We’re getting tomatoes atm.


  3. Our apple trees died 😦


    1. I’m so sorry, Jane. How many have you lost?


      1. One is completely and utterly dead, frazzled to a crisp, and the other three didn’t even blossom and most of their leaves have dropped off. It has to be said that deer had been at them earlier in the spring and broken branches off them, rubbed off the bark of the main trunks so they were already damaged, but they look moribund now.


        1. Deer can be very destructive. And rabbits. Our apples (and we have several varieties) are not very juicy. I suspect it’s the lack of rainfall. We have a few trees that only set blossoms and develop fruit every other year. The cox, mostly. They’ve always done that.


          1. Our Cox’s used to fruit every year, but this is the second year running that it hasn’t produced a single blossom. Same for the Granny Smith. The Italian variety is completely dead because of the lack of rain. It’s root system wasn’t deep enough, I guess. The German variety flowered but all the fruits dropped off. We put protections around the trees we don’t want them to attack, but they climb up the apple trees and break branches.

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            1. Lack of water will cause May/June drop, but also lack of pollination can cause it. Is your bee population healthy in your area?


            2. Reasonably. There are hives in the meadow at the other side of the hedge and we get quite a lot of them. They maybe don’t like the soil. It’s very heavy clay, always hard as a rock and rainwater (such as it is) runs straight off.

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