29 August: A River Gone

fishing boat on the Loire River
A River Gone 
The oars have gone silent,  
and only a poem haunts  
those once rushing waters. 

for Earthweal weekly challenge. The photo above is mine, taken a few years ago along the Loire River. The image used for the prompt is below, which is the current state of the Loire River after a summer of drought.

Loire River dry from drought.

Featured image is mine ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

4 responses to “29 August: A River Gone”

  1. 😦 My kids are telling me rivers are drying up in some parts of the world (yours and out west in US) where in other parts there are devastating floods (Pakistan.) Mother Gaia is becoming disoriented.


    1. It’s not good, for sure.

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    1. It’s extreme weather right around the world at the moment. The Loire river will return as soon as the rain comes, I’m quite sure.

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