K’s Petite Pen: Recycling Day

glass bottle and tins for recycling

Recycling Day

Men in yellow hi-vis vests, they
know recycling, which container
for an armload of draft poems,
which one for your destiny.

A man’s throwing moisture curled
paper into a bin. I slip in a dozen
glossy magazines as a boy hurls
glass bottles in a metal container.

He spins and shatters each one
with a chaotic joy of destruction
that only a child can appreciate.
The noise of it leaves me bruised.

Written for K’s Petite Pen . Image Recycling Day by Toni Tiu ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting #apoemaday on Twitter

7 responses to “K’s Petite Pen: Recycling Day”

  1. Wonderful! I can picture it all. Wonderful phrasing. I love “which container for an armload of draft poems, which one for your destiny” and “chaotic joy of destruction” and that last line is perfect. I know that noise and it’s awful.

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    1. Thank you so much!

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    2. “chaotic joy of destruction” was the stand out line for me too Misky! 👍😁 Brilliant; descriptive and well observed poem as always! 👌👏😁

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  2. That last stanza is so good.


  3. A beautiful poem. Thank you 🙏🌍

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