22 August: They’d Only Eat Pasta …

They’d Only Eat Pasta …

so she ground leftover ham
with some onion, mixed it
with mayo and mustard,

and pushed a grape deep
into the bottom of the bowl,

sort of like 2 o’clock from
where she was standing,

and then told the children
it was called Pasta Surprise,

and when they all asked
What’s the surprise, she just
winked, and said It’s a surprise.

Written for The Cafe of Imaginary Dreams ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

11 responses to “22 August: They’d Only Eat Pasta …”

  1. I’ve seen finicky eaters but thankfully my daughter was the opposite. The only prize she ever won at school was “the person who eats up all her dinners”

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    1. I don’t recall school dinners being edible! 😂

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  2. Ha ha. Sounds fun! Did your family hide money in Christmas Puddings? My grandma used to hide a coin.

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    1. A whole almond in the rice pudding. Lots of chopped ones too so you had to be careful when chewing! The person who got the whole almond received a little gift. We still do it at Christmas!

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      1. That sounds great! We hardly ever do “puddings” at Christmas anymore. We’ll have something sweet but it’s usually hot here and puddings aren’t that attractive I guess. Also, my Mum’s a coeliac so the classic Christmas pudding is challenging and, frankly, we’re all time-poor. Rice pudding sounds good though. I’d like that!

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        1. … with warm cherry sauce. I forgot that. 🥰

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  3. Brilliant! 👏👏 Haha! 😂😂


  4. 😄😄😄 Clevet gotcha poem!

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  5. If and when I have one available, I like to throw a chicken or turkey wishbone into the pudding mix… Nah; just kidding.
    Thanks, Misk


    1. 😂 you little dickens. Or Dickens.


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