11 August: dVerse Quadrilles

The Sun by Edvard Munch

Two Quadrilles

The sun rises,
white as truth
shining down on us,
and we feel a type
of fearless freedom,

even though one day
our ashes will be free
under its watchful eye,
so we’ll let the sun fill us up,
like green refills a forest.

No two clouds are the same.
No two leaves.
No two trees or drops of rain.
No two thoughts
are quite alike.

So if I retype a poem,
maybe change a word here,
a line break moved,
is that poem really,
genuinely, truly new?

For dVerse Poets, Quadrille 157 “type”  Image: The Sun by Edvard Munch, Date: 1911 – 1916, Location: University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway. Public Domain. ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

8 responses to “11 August: dVerse Quadrilles”

  1. Very cool! My favourite is the first one. But they’re both great! And that image is splendid! I got a new computer. It’s a trendy little Mac. Loving it already.

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    1. The Air? Is this your first Mac?

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      1. Not my first. I had one about 12 years ago – a desktop. I called it Prettyboy. It was such an elegant thing. I did like it. I can’t remember why I steered away from Macs after that. We are always trying to resist being dictated to by big business. But even with android (for phones) I’m forced to have a google account which I resent. And for writing it’s hard to avoid Amazon which I really hate. And our Tesla prefers Apple phones. So whichever way you turn, you get pushed into something.


        1. I’ve been Mac and Apple for decades. Mr Misky is slowly being weaned off Windows, which I detest. It’s a malware beacon. I finally joined Amazon prime during lockdown so I didn’t have to join crowds for groceries or general shopping. My MB Air is from 2014 and still running fine, although it won’t update to the new MACOS.

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          1. Yes malware is a real problem on microsoft products. We have never used Windows at home. My husband is in IT and is a huge fan of open source stuff so we use Linux on our non-Mac computers. The other thing I didn’t like about Microsoft when I was exposed to it was that it just updated when it wanted to, even if the timing was totally inconvenient for the user. At work people would open their laptop in a high level meeting and not be able to use it because it had decided to update. But I have to say, I am loving this little MB Air already. It just works!! My old laptop never took to Linux very comfortably and often did weird things. It was flaky. It’s a joy to use this machine. As I told my cousin… it’s swisher than a Spanish dancer’s skirt!


            1. Is yours 256 or 512gb?

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            2. The 512 were beyond our budget.


  2. I think tweaking a poem even a word or two can change the mood and meaning of a poem ( ie emotional response or relatability) in a good way ❤️

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