4 August: For the Petite Pen

It’s Just After Dawn When

a person can be overwhelmed
by the shine and glimmer of it all.

The sea.
The bluff.
Seagulls and terns.
Thistles and grass.

A blue-veined smear of water
rounds on the middle deep,

daybreak lifting and lightening
the water, cliffs scrawled by wind.

And on the ridge above the beach
next to August-hardened dirt road,

brambles tumbled in dust, drying
in the last of the summer sun.

I fill a teacup with blackberries.
They drop hard and solid from lack of rain.

For K’s Petite Pen 2 August. Image is by Julia Rigby. #petitepen and dVerse Poets “August prompt” ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

6 responses to “4 August: For the Petite Pen”

  1. Beautiful descriptions! I especially like the last stanza and the cliffs scrawled by the wind.

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  2. Such a deft touch with your beautiful images.


  3. It’s elegant and I am definitely an awe-struck by the moment you’ve created. The overflowing tea cup so accurately described the bounty of summer. Wait fully penned, Misky. You’ve elevated this painting. Thank you for writing with me.

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    1. Thanks for the prompt. Enjoyed writing to it, K.

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