30 July: for Twiglet #289

This Heat

…. is the start of a slide.
Those low notes of rain,

like railcars rusting on the sidings.

curse of ever earlier dusk.

Lights on,
drapes pulled.

Wet-dog smell
soaked in the weave.

Our appetites
want for thick
and fat puddings.

One that holds a spoon erect.

Autumn is a lean-faced woman,
raking leaves leaves and leaves

as the sky holds pink and ruby,
and lightning’s hot.

Meanwhile, this heat
slides on us slowly.

Photo by Ryan Hafey on Unsplash. Inspired by Twiglet prompt (lightning colours). ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

5 responses to “30 July: for Twiglet #289”

  1. We had rain yesterday morning. A short downpour. Then…that long, slow soaking. It was lovely.



    1. Send that rain our way. They’re restricting our water use here now.

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    2. Kentucky made the BBC evening news. Gosh.


  2. Wonderful… i love the mood this evokes. I love the imagery. It’s somehow tense and slow and desperate.


    1. Thank you. Maybe it shows; I’m not a fan of winter.

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