8 July: The July Diaries

7 July: The Natural History Museum


says, it’s all bones, bones,
but where are the dinosaurs

and he doesn’t need the toilet
because he’ll sit
on his bum so poo won’t come out

and he likes trains that rattle
and then asks, what’s a gap.


can name most every dinosaur
in the museum

and says her socks
are tired of walking

and she wants to drink her ice cream.


want to know
why people eat radishes

and they watch
Jungle Book again …
and then again, again.

We sang London Bridge’s falling down, whilst standing on London Bridge and looking at Tower Bridge. Then off to the Natural History Museum to see dinosaurs. This song from Jungle Book is on some kind of YouTubing loop; good thing I like this song. ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

8 responses to “8 July: The July Diaries”

  1. Well that was a pure delight from poo to socks to mowgli.

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    1. Thank you, Peter.


  2. Hot day in London I suspect, but what a place for the kids!


    1. You wouldn’t have believed the noise level! The place is full of children on school trips. Dinosaurs roaring and children screaming.

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      1. I haven’t been there for years.


  3. I was wondering how the visit was going. Sounds…enlightening. Poo wisdom


    1. Nana caught Nico’s cold, and the doctor says it’s gone into pneumonia. I’m on amoxicillin for 7-days. The troop are spending the day at the beach. It’s hot here.

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      1. Hugs to you Misky get some rest. You’re not missing the heat imo

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