15 June: A Byr a Thoddard Poem

a horse drawn carriage with three people

Feels Like A Warm Stone

It’s the one I always think of – as home.
That house of childhood
Where distance was a horizon
And the bedsheets breathed my return.

A non-rhyming (Welsh) Byr a Thoddard, ©Misky 2022 Image: “Homeward bound in a horse-drawn carriage, by David Burliuk, Original Title: Возвращение на родину в конном экипаже, Style: Naïve Art (Primitivism). Public Domain.Shared with #amwriting on Twitter. And a little song, just because music is always a good escape.

6 responses to “15 June: A Byr a Thoddard Poem”

  1. Had to go research the form. I’m diggin it, M. Might try. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll watch for it…


  2. oh yes! those last 2 lines are superb. Well the whole thing is but it was the last 2 lines that made my brain sing. Like Ron, I might have to research the form.


  3. Like this a lot – being a fan of brevity – the dash in the first line is clever – adding to the sound as well as the meaning. Also the waltz. Had me dancing round the lounge room (almost)


    1. Free those feet, and dance. And thank you.


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