29 May: Three Line Thursday

Now that I have
a perfect reply,
say that again.

In a chair
sat by a sunny window
it’s another day.

I had but that one. Black. Vinyl. Grooved.
Scratched mid-song. Skip.Skip.Repeat.Skip.
Teddy Bears’ Picnic. By heart, I’d repeat each word.

For Three Line Thursday. Three lines; max 10 words each line. “playback” #TLT shared with @inkinthirds on Twitter.  ©Misky 2022

10 responses to “29 May: Three Line Thursday”

  1. There’s a nice meditative connection between the three pieces.

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    1. Thank you, Peter.


  2. Gosh, do you remember that? Playing somethinknewg again and again until we knew the words?


    1. Yes, over and over, and when we knew the words, we’d keep playing it. My kids did the same. Now my grandchildren are doing the same. 😂

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  3. Sorry, something we’d play

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  4. Stunning! I especially love 1 and 3. My Mum used to play Teddy Bear’s Picnic on the clarinet. Lovedthat song. And then, when the kids were younger we got it on CD. Still loved it!

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    1. It’s such a catchy tune!

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  5. You ran three miles with this! 😂

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    1. Thanks so much!


  6. It’s just nice 🥰


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