21 May: 2 Cellos and a Storm

lightning at the beach, south coast Sussex UK

The Storm

Every time the wind
chatters through the fence,
voices mutter in the roof tiles.
It’s the whim of sky.

Its grip and shine
of sulking rain are scented by
far off dry grass. And then
that moment that vibrates

ones bones, incandescent
lightning, and basso-pitched
thunder as if heaven rolled over.
So dark, so fluid it fills my ears,

and I think, I need a fairytale
to write myself out of this.

©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter. And here’s a little music for you to blow the clouds out of your head.

8 responses to “21 May: 2 Cellos and a Storm”

  1. I love a good summer storm with thunder, lightning and steady rain. We had one last night except it was more noise and light show than rain (which we need). It feels like the tension just seeps out of me.
    Also, I love the last two lines. Sometimes I feel that way about U.S. news.

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    1. Thanks, Debi. I’m trying to avoid TV news at the moment. It’s all too visual and gruesome.


      1. Yeah, I don’t do the news except for quick take on the internet. I hate that there is no news anymore only 24 hour commentary. I guess we are all to dumb and need ‘splaining to.


        1. AGREE! I don’t consider editorialising as news. That’s opinion, and I have enough of my own. I don’t need theirs in my head also.


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  2. This is a fabulous poem. I love every line of it! And I am very familiar with that video. It’s a popular family choice. 🙂 Thoroughly enjoyable post, thank you!


    1. Thank you so very much! I don’t know how your comment escaped my attention. Thanks. ❤️

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  3. Lovely poem. All the best.


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