For Twiglet #278

Full of Light

We sat under the cherry tree,
lost in its leaves, lost in green,
our fingers stained ruby.

       Fill 2 bowls for a pie, Mum said.

Those days, layered between clouds,
it was a time to embrace. It was
as it should be. Full of light.

for Twiglet #278 ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

14 responses to “For Twiglet #278”

  1. Beautiful. It feels like an arrival.

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    1. In a way, I probably was. When you’re a child, every summer is the arrival of something new.

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  2. Delicious work, Misky. Mom always sent us out into the woods for wild blackberries… YUM. Thanks!

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    1. Oh it’s hard to beat blackberry pie with some vanilla ice cream!


  3. Oh, to write like that! Marvelous, pithy and sweet as honeysuckle

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    1. Aaaah. Thank you, Debi.

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  4. Beautiful snippet. Really captures the lightness of being..young.

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      1. You’re very welcome.


  5. Youth and lightness. Wonderful, Misk!


  6. There were a few times when as a child I thought things were ‘alright’…
    Lovely verse to bring back those memories.

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