2 May: It’s Monday

image Seamstresses at Atelier Paquin, Paris, by Isaac Lazarus Israëls 18c WikiArt

It’s Monday
A day of laundry
Slack clotheslines

Candour of dying flowers
Petalless tulips
with swollen heads

My head seems never
quiet or silent, perhaps
because it’s Monday

©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter. Image Seamstresses at Atelier Paquin, Paris, by Isaac Lazarus Israëls 19c WikiArt

8 responses to “2 May: It’s Monday”

  1. Here too, even in a bank holiday! I love this poem, Marilyn.


    1. Thank you, Kim. It’s odd weather, too. Neither this nor that sort of day.

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  2. I don’t know; I’m blanked. Don’t know if it’s me or Monday. Nice work, Misky!

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  3. I love “Candour of dying flowers”. I tried to read petalless as a Latin word or something – emphasized the second syllable. Then I realized I was being a goose. I blame the fact that I haven’t actually sipped my morning coffee yet.


    1. Coffee is a prerequisite to reading anything, imo. 😂

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  4. Lovely piece – candour of dying flowers & the slack clotheslines two favourite images – and a great dark burdened painting of the seamstresses as well. Weighty stuff.


    1. That word candour popped up in an article I was reading, and I thought I really must use it. It’s funny how words slip in and out of one’s vocabulary.

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