GloPoWriMo Day 28: On the Road

A circle: Concrete poem image of the poem's text.
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Cow On The Road

The old cow
stands in the rain,

elementally green,
singing its vapours

and eating bruised
red fuchsia bells.

Its song’s nothing special,

no stories, news,
no talk overheard,

and it devours
our views of

luminous doom,
and just listens.

Today’s prompt for NaPoWriMo Day 28: write a concrete poem. I spent all morning trying without success. There’s a limit to how much punishment one poet needs to inflict on oneself. I used a word processor in the end, and took a screenshot. Header image: That’s not my cow, but the photo is. ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting #glopowrimo #napowrimo on Twitter

17 responses to “GloPoWriMo Day 28: On the Road”

  1. This is one cool poem, Misky, not to mention the mind-blowing circularity, which I could NEVER

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    1. I gave up on creating a circle and used a word processor to create it. Cheating, I know. C’est la vie!


      1. Okay, this is a brilliant NORMAL poem, let alone that amazing circle! Howwwwww?

        LOVE this line, so much:
        “and it devours
        our views of

        luminous doom”

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        1. The circle: I used Word and cheated. 😂


          1. I have Word. I dunno how to do that. 😉


          2. Saving that link to explore, Misky. THANK YOU!


  2. Oh that ending!💜🍃

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  3. Love the circularity, Marilyn, very cow-like. I love that it is ‘singing its vapours’, the splash of colour in the ‘red fuchsia bells’, and the oxymoron ‘luminous doom’. When I lived in Ireland, I talked to cows, told them my troubles.

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    1. Funny you should say that because that header photo was taken outside Rosslare. That’s an Irish cow !

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  4. I love the poem, the word choice, nice and lush and slow, like a cow munching. I’m glad you didn’t make us try to read in a circle though. I’m just getting over a migraine…


    1. Oh I’m so sorry about the migraine. They’re miserable beasts. The only way I can ease myself out of a migraine is with a bag of frozen peas on the side of my head. I’m glad you liked today’s poem. xx


      1. I have medication that usually works well. It takes a few hours to kick in and hangs about in the system for a couple of days, but I’d rather than then the migraine.
        I did like your poem xx

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  5. I agree with all the effusive comments above. This poem (and the photo to go with it <3) is a rip roaring success. I just love it. And, although you think using Word was “cheating”, to me its still an absolute wonder. We have an opensource version of Word so I will be curious if I can do such amazing things as you.

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    1. Thank you! Have fun playing with it.

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