dVerse: Name of the Rose is Sylvia


Sylvia Says …

in my dreams
I am quiet
full of secrets

and my eyes
are open
sleep is thin and light.
Dreams, too light of promise.

And don’t tell your secrets
to a dream, she says.
Rearrange them like feathers
like a madness.

Sylvia says
her dreams are starved eyes
that stole
all her secrets.

And Sylvia believes
the world is flat.

for dVerse “Name of a Rose” (and then write a poem). I chose the name Sylvia. Image by Rene Magritte 1936. ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

18 responses to “dVerse: Name of the Rose is Sylvia”

  1. Such fascinating ideas in this. I love how Sylvia has such character. So many beautiful lines.

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    1. Thank you. I don’t know where this came from, except that I watched the movie Dune the other day. 😂

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      1. 🙂 Well it’s beautiful

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  2. Don’t tell me it’s not flat! 😦

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    1. Okay, I won’t tell you. 😅

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  3. The turn at the end makes me rethink all that Sylvia hinted…well done…very subtle, very interesting…

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    1. I’m glad to know that you liked it. Thank you.


  4. This is so otherworldly. The Magritte painting fits it. Like Ain, the ending also made me re-think Sylvia’s previous words. Fascinating poem.

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    1. Thank you. I enjoyed writing to your prompt.

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      1. You’re welcome, and I’m pleased you liked the prompt.

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  5. This has such a gorgeous, ethereal quality to it, Misky.


    1. Thanks, De! ❤️


  6. Oh, that ending… it explains it all i think… as they say the flat-earth society has now become a global organization.

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    1. Thanks for reading it, Bjorn.


  7. There is much that can fall flat… beliefs that are outdated.
    And yet no matter how hard one tries some will stay in the dark.

    It doesn’t matter where words come from – that they allow you life and breath that is important 🙂

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