GloPoWriMo Day 13: Ducks & Spring

drawing of butterfly and caterpillar
ducks in the morning sun

How To Treat A Duck

Don’t feed bread to ducks
It turns the water blooming muck
Let ‘um eat weeds and bugs
Let ‘um eat reeds and grubs
But don’t feed bread to ducks

Now Spring

Now spring
This April light
Freed life
It calls to lively green
Awakened vein
A cheering blush
Spread broad on skies serene
Breathe in lean air
Of violet scents
Hear wild notes where April
Is now spring

Poem Now Spring is for NaPoWriMo Day 13 “Joy” and How to Treat a Duck is for Writers’ Digest PA “How to (blank)” . Images: from the Getty Museum Collection Metamorphosis of a Small Emperor Moth on a Damson Plum, plate 13 of the Caterpillar Book, 1679, by Maria Sibylla Merian (German, 1647 – 1717), and from Wikioo Ducks in the Morning byAlexander Max Koeste, 1910. Both images are in public domain. ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting #glopowrimo #napowrimo on Twitter

14 responses to “GloPoWriMo Day 13: Ducks & Spring”

  1. Hooray for spring. And yes, bread is the ducky equivalent of junk food. Not good for them.


    1. In so many ways no good, Hobbo. The bread increases the nutrient levels in the water, which causes harmful algae bloom, which in turn covers the duck’s feathers reducing their ability to shed water. It seriously restricts their flight, and also causes them to get hypothermia … even in the summer!

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      1. The innocence of childhood,,,shattered forever!


  2. So vivid of spring. I love this, Misky 💕🙂


    1. Thanks, Harmony. Are you actually in Kent?

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      1. I started out writing when I lived in Kent. Now I live in Cornwall 💕🙂


        1. I love Cornwall. I’m in West Sussex.

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          1. Ooh, almost neighbours! 😁💖

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  3. If you MUST feed ducks……….(wait for it)……..Feed them to ME!!!
    (You knew that was coming, right, Misky?)

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    1. Yes. BUT. I don’t think you’d want to. We (locals) call them muddy ducks because they scrounge the mud for worms and slimy stuff that make them taste, if not muddy, very odd.


  4. Two very contrasting poems but both so very enjoyable in their individual ways. I have heard bread makes their shells soft too so bad for breeding.


    1. Another good reason to avoid feeding them bread! 🦆

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