for Twiglet #272

head of an old peasant woman with a white cap
head of an old peasant woman with a white cap

In Her Own Shadow

The old woman I’m becoming
is pestering me.

It’s leaped on me the way
July does.

There’s nothing gradual
about it.

Written for Twiglet #272 “Shadows of Silence”. ©Misky 2022. Image WikiArt: Head of an Old Peasant Woman with White Cap by Vincent van Gogh, 1884; Nuenen, Netherlands. Public Domain. Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

7 responses to “for Twiglet #272”

  1. That’s how I feel after last year. I blame chemo but of course I can’t know what would have happened without chemo. I am looking for my previous self. Is that what you do?


    1. Different circumstances, but no, I don’t, Worms, because I have lived my previous life. Time has been generous, giving me more than I ever expected or thought possible. For you, perhaps, time has given you more time. However, time is slowly taking away the sight in my left eye, which makes me more aware, insightful, and more careful. As Mr M says, Life is what it is. I adore that man.

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  2. It does that sometimes!


    1. Yes, but today it’s sunny and gorgeous, and I’m quite content.

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      1. I am very pleased to hear it! 😂

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  3. It’s good to have someone as talented as you to share the same boat with, M. Thanks.

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