29.03.22: Clowns


A laugh is the wisest of words.
they’ll bounce off you,
if you let them.
           A big word.
     A little word.
A ruckus.
A clown-car-parade
on high-beams and octane.
A wave of your tongue, and
here come those clowns.

Dedicated to poets who’ve spread laughter through the past two years. © Misky 2022

15 responses to “29.03.22: Clowns”

  1. Good art match for this fun poem.


  2. I love this Misky, especially ‘A laugh is the wisest of words’ xxx

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  3. To be laughed with and not at; priceless!

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  4. A universal language. Lovely.

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  5. That is fantastic!


    1. Thank you! 🤣🤡


  6. Odd that I have a waiting comment from 2020 –

    May we continue to bring delight to each other 😀


    1. It could be because I moved this post to draft, rewrote it, and scheduled it again. It might have moved previous comments to pending. I’ll check it tomorrow. It’s bedtime here. 💤

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